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December Athlete of the Month

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December’s Athlete of the month is Tommy O’harris! This was Tommy’s first class ever in the photo. He told me how nervous he was to even try CrossFit and how long it took him to finally just show up to a free class after talking to us about what we had to offer. Look how far you have come Tommy! Your positive attitude, energy level, and dedication to working on things you know you need to improve on is great representation of what a No Mercy Athlete is. Thanks so much for being part of our No Mercy family and  representing! #nomercystrong

November Athlete of The Month

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This months Athlete of the Month is being awarded to two great athletes; Anne & Kevin Stover! As the song goes 🎶 you can’t have one without the other 🎶. When Anne contacted us about getting back into CrossFit we were so excited for her and when Kevin jumped back into CrossFit with her we were even more  ecstatic! These two push their own limits every class they attend and challenge each other as well. It has been a great pleasure watching these two develop more skill and strength over the last several months. The both of them set a very high example of setting goals and going after them, having determination, and having fun with those around them. You guys are awesome! #powerteam #nomercystrong

No Mercy Nutrition Challenge

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The Challenge

Eat a total of 800 grams (g) of fruits and vegetables, by weight, per day. No foods are restricted during the challenge, but you only count your fruits and vegetables towards the 800g total. Raw, cooked, canned, frozen; doesn’t matter!  If you can weigh it as a standalone and unprocessed fruit or vegetable, you can count it. Need more details? Click here!

What if you already follow a meal plan? You can eat the fruits and vegetables you like while still following other nutritional targets. Your choices can be higher carb, lower carb, all fruit, Keto, Paleo: it’s your choice. You can cheat any diet or system. If you are questioning if something counts, it probably does not.

Why 800g? It’s associated with increased health and is a simplified way to hit those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. (More Information.) Fruits and vegetables have more value than processed carbohydrates. If you’re already on a meal plan and seeing success, why not take your health to the next level and see how much better you feel eating whole foods.

Challenge Dates

October 15th– November 11th (4 weeks)


  • 2 points are awarded for eating 800 grams of fruits and/or vegetables in a day. You do not get extra points for any amount over 800g.
  • 1 additional point is awarded for “diversity”: when 6 or more fruits and/or vegetables are used to hit your daily 800g total (where each of these 6+ items has to have a minimum of 25g). Hitting 800g is a day is a prerequisite to being eligible for this point.
  • 1 point is also awarded for working out at No Mercy CrossFit (max 5 points per week). A run on your own or workout in your home gym does not count. If you travel, working out at another gym will count.
  • 1 final point will be awarded for completing October’s “Daily Challenge”. (max 5 points per week)
  • Extra Credit: 1 point per week will be awarded for sharing a photo of your colorful plate, or of yourself working out at No Mercy. (No Mercy CrossFit must be tagged in the post in order to receive the point!)


We will award one month of free membership to the person with the highest point total at the end of the 4 weeks. There will also be a few runner-up prizes.


  • $10 per person – If you choose not to buy-in, you can still follow the challenge, but you won’t be eligible for the prizes


  • No Mercy CrossFit members’ spouses, significant others or roommates can play along, too. Get the whole house onboard to stay motivated throughout the challenge.
  • The same rules apply, except no workout points are awarded and there is no prize in the unaffiliated group.

What will help you succeed?

  • Food Scale
  • Before and after – Body weight, Measurements, Photos, etc.
  • Prepping Food
  • Sharing tips and tricks with our community throughout the challenge
  • Follow @Optimizemenutrition on Instagram

Tips and Tricks

  • Wash all of your fruits and veggies when you get them home so they’re ready to eat
  • Weigh out portion sizes ahead of time so they’re easy to grab
  • Peel before weighing if you’re not eating the food in its entirety
  • Soak sliced apples in salt water to retain the flavor and keep from turning brown
  • Roast a pan of mixed vegetables (425°, 30-40mins)
  • Fruit smoothies are quick and easy
  • Peel, slice in half, and freeze bananas for smoothies = more fruit, less ice
  • Replace rice and pastas with root vegetables (sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, etc.)
  • Most restaurant vegetable servings are between 75-85g
  • Front load your day…try to get as much in at breakfast and lunch, so you aren’t scrambling later



Synkowski, EC. “OptimizeMe Nutrition.” OptimizeMe Nutrition, 5 Oct. 2018,

October Athlete of The Month

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This month’s Athlete comes at us straight out of “PUMP TOWN”!!!! Mark Gibson is probably one of the most well known names in the gym. This guys has an awesome personality that draws those around him in close. He’s not quite by any means and is usually trying to have the most fun he can while putting in some serious effort in doing daily workouts. Mark lives a great example of what it means to be a No Mercy Athlete. He’s positive inside and outside of the gym and for those who follow his #dailydominator know this. He is also very coachable and driven to be the best he can be. Its not unusual to see Mark working out before a workout or staying a little after class to get some extra things in. He also helps to push others in the gym so that they to are able to achieve great results. Awesome job Mark well deserved!


September Athlete of the month

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This month we would like to recognize Quinci as September’s athlete of the month! Please reach out to her and congratulate her on being an awesome No Mercy Athlete! Quinci’s first class was a Saturday WOD if I remember well enough. Knowing our gym that workout was probably a rough one but she stuck it out and and kept coming back for more. She’s very quiet for the most part but puts in  tremendous effort and dedication to keep improving in her abilities and achieving personal goals. Quinci goes to school and holds a job and still finds time to knock out some workouts throughout the week! Great job Quinci! Keep up the good work!#nomercystrong #nomercyathlete


August Athlete of The Month

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The August Athlete of the Month is PJ Wead! PJ has been crushing it in the gym over the last several months! He has been focused and determined to reach some new goals he has set for himself. He is always quick with his positive feedback and always encouraging other athletes with fist bumps and high fives. He starts every WOD with a positive attitude coupled with a sense of humor! He is very coachable and listens to what the trainers have to offer him. He has been pushing himself further by signing up for comps and even took 2nd place recently at Long Road’s RX in July in the scaled division with two other NM male athletes. He is one of the people that make No Mercy what it is and we are proud of having him part of the NM family!

July No Mercy Athlete of the Month

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Congratulations Kileen Kaeck you’re July’s No Mercy Athlete of the month! Your seen pushing your limits every class and it has been awesome to see you building your CrossFit skills. Kileen is quiet for the most part but if you get to know her she has great determination and is competitive, especially when it comes to her other half John. Keep up the great work. You set an example for us all with your ability to take coaches direction for improvement and work on it to get it right.

June No Mercy Athlete of the Month

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This months Athlete of the Month goes to Todd Voskuhl. In looking back on Todd over the last year he has made some really big gains. He has shown more focus in his nutrition and it can really be seen by how much he has physically changed looking back at old gym pictures. Todd seems to be very soft spoken and usually doesn’t draw to much attention to himself unless he is with his side kick Mike Swink aka partner in crime. Todd pushes himself and challenges himself to do some crazy stuff like ring muscle ups with a vest on or doing it in full Police uniform. I have seen Todd doing more workouts lately with a vest on than anyone else from what I have seen. Keep up the great work Todd. Your efforts do not go unrecognized. #nomercystrong




May Athlete of the Month at No Mercy……

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Life is hard, CrossFit is hard, being a teenager is hard. Being a teen in a CrossFit class when your parents own the gym is very hard. Your held to a little bit higher standard, fair or not. Our newest award winner has been training with the No Mercy classes for a little over a year consistently even though it has never been something that was” her thing”.  No Mercy trainer Holly Mikolajewski has chosen Kendall Mikolajewski as the May recipient. I am so proud of Kendall, and the progress she has made.

She use to complain about training. Now she just gets ready after school, and puts her head down and works. She use to avoid the pull-up rig like the plague now she is doing pull-ups with a band, and challenges herself with not only weight but also adds in new skills regularly. Kendall moves a barbell like it’s her job, and displays some serious strength. CrossFit may never be her thing, or it may just turn into just that. The transformation in Kendall is awesome to witness. She now opens up a lil bit more in class, and makes sure she finishes very single wod, and thats what’s important. She never quits no matter what. Kendall has a tough exterior, but a huge heart of gold. Being a middle child is never easy, and it would be easy to get overshadowed, but Kendall has her own talent, and that is physical strength that few 8th grade girls can hold a candle to. She could compete in powerlifting right now and hold her own. To watch Kendall back squat is a thing of beauty.  It is cool that Kendall has so many strong, and fit female athletes to look up to in the gym.

As a parent you always want to see your children succeed, and it is cool to see them win, but in Kendall’s case just seeing her participate, and making a name for herself on her terms in the gym is priceless. Kendall has earned this award for demonstrating great work ethic, hustle, and determination, and for that we are proud. The world is yours Kendall Mikolajewski….and if you just keep pushing you will achieve anything you want in this life. Take the road less traveled Kendall, and carve out a lane just for you.  For all your effort, see Holly to grab your award. So very proud of you KENDALL!!!!!!


End Of An Era……Start Of A New!

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     Holly and I started No Mercy CrossFit in 2012 with the mission to bring CrossFit in its purest form to the residents in Piqua, Ohio, and that we did. Along the way we have gone through several changes, and even moved to a large facility that we currently occupy. We have made several mistakes a long the way but are proud of the community that we have built. No Mercy is home to some of the finest trainers around, and our athletes best interest has always been at the forefront.

We were mentored by some of  the finest people in all of CrossFit from the very initial stages and will be always grateful for their  friendship and help. We had a good foundation already from the folks at Practice CrossFit, and received so much support from so many people that it would be too difficult to mention all of you. What we never imagined in a million years was the friendships that have been forged with our members that we will carry with us forever. Countless get togethers, vacations, and moments of fun and laughter that can’t be put into words to show our gratitude. 

With that being said, Holly and I would like to announce that we will be selling our ownership of No Mercy CrossFit  effective May 1, 2018. We will be turning over the gym to a partnership of Shawn and Jodi Chaney, and Chad and Brandi Lawson. They are current members that have a love for the community, and we are confident that they will only enhance the growth of the facility, and the community. It will be a smooth transition, and we are super excited for them and know that this is in the best interest of the box. It is time to begin another journey in our lives, and are proud to hand over the reigns to some of the most amazing people we could imagine. Running two businesses personally is overwhelming, and not fair to our members that I cant give 110%. We have so many adventures coming in the near future with Kamryn’s soccer career, and Kendall will be going into high school, and Kyrstan will be giving us a grandchild soon. As  you can see our plate is full.

  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our loyal amazing staff that we are blessed with. I want to thank Chelsea Sellers our gym manager for your friendship and guidance over the past year. Thanks for believing in us and joining our staff. We  want to thank our training team of Dustin, Sandy, Emily, Foster, Kara for your countless hours of support, and loyalty. It will never be forgotten.  We want to thank all our former staff  for helping build up No Mercy to what it is today. To you our members: THANK YOU for your effort, dedication, friendship, and support. You took a chance on us and we sincerely appreciate it.

  Last but not least we  want to thank our family.  Kyrstan, Kendall, and Kam…you guys have sacrificed so much so that we could chase this dream. We hope that seeing how hard we had to work has taught you life lessons that you will carry with you forever. Thank you to my wife Holly for joining me on this adventure. You were the glue that held it all together like always. On to the next adventure!  We will still be training at No Mercy as members now, and Holly will remain on the training staff. This isn’t goodbye. It is simply a thank you, and a best of luck to our new owners!! See ya on the training floor!!!!!!

-Joey Franchise & Holly