End Of An Era……Start Of A New!

By April 10, 2018News

     Holly and I started No Mercy CrossFit in 2012 with the mission to bring CrossFit in its purest form to the residents in Piqua, Ohio, and that we did. Along the way we have gone through several changes, and even moved to a large facility that we currently occupy. We have made several mistakes a long the way but are proud of the community that we have built. No Mercy is home to some of the finest trainers around, and our athletes best interest has always been at the forefront.

We were mentored by some of  the finest people in all of CrossFit from the very initial stages and will be always grateful for their  friendship and help. We had a good foundation already from the folks at Practice CrossFit, and received so much support from so many people that it would be too difficult to mention all of you. What we never imagined in a million years was the friendships that have been forged with our members that we will carry with us forever. Countless get togethers, vacations, and moments of fun and laughter that can’t be put into words to show our gratitude. 

With that being said, Holly and I would like to announce that we will be selling our ownership of No Mercy CrossFit  effective May 1, 2018. We will be turning over the gym to a partnership of Shawn and Jodi Chaney, and Chad and Brandi Lawson. They are current members that have a love for the community, and we are confident that they will only enhance the growth of the facility, and the community. It will be a smooth transition, and we are super excited for them and know that this is in the best interest of the box. It is time to begin another journey in our lives, and are proud to hand over the reigns to some of the most amazing people we could imagine. Running two businesses personally is overwhelming, and not fair to our members that I cant give 110%. We have so many adventures coming in the near future with Kamryn’s soccer career, and Kendall will be going into high school, and Kyrstan will be giving us a grandchild soon. As  you can see our plate is full.

  We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our loyal amazing staff that we are blessed with. I want to thank Chelsea Sellers our gym manager for your friendship and guidance over the past year. Thanks for believing in us and joining our staff. We  want to thank our training team of Dustin, Sandy, Emily, Foster, Kara for your countless hours of support, and loyalty. It will never be forgotten.  We want to thank all our former staff  for helping build up No Mercy to what it is today. To you our members: THANK YOU for your effort, dedication, friendship, and support. You took a chance on us and we sincerely appreciate it.

  Last but not least we  want to thank our family.  Kyrstan, Kendall, and Kam…you guys have sacrificed so much so that we could chase this dream. We hope that seeing how hard we had to work has taught you life lessons that you will carry with you forever. Thank you to my wife Holly for joining me on this adventure. You were the glue that held it all together like always. On to the next adventure!  We will still be training at No Mercy as members now, and Holly will remain on the training staff. This isn’t goodbye. It is simply a thank you, and a best of luck to our new owners!! See ya on the training floor!!!!!!

-Joey Franchise & Holly


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  • Scott Cromes says:

    Sad but happy for the both of you!

  • Jenn says:

    Love you guys. So glad I walked into the gym behind Wal-Mart area. I will never forget watching Camille LeBlanc win her year at the games the year prior to me walking into y’alls gym and seeing her in a poster (cheesy I know) and thinking I have found my place. (I love all of the Crossfit) And You guys have made it a place away from home very family and community oriented and that is why I love your guys gym. It’s not the trainers (the trainers are a bonus) or the fancy equipment it’s y’all guys vision and grind. You guys are the best. I know I’m not a member right now consistently but I will be back, for now I’m just trying to make it on thursdays.lol haha. So happy for New beginnings in y’alls lives and y’alls kiddos. Keep going strong. Will see you guys sweating this summer and being grandparents.😍🤗🤗 😁😎

  • Tim Echemann says:

    Thank you for the support and all your Great advice during my CrossFit adventure. Riepe and I really enjoy your company and meeting all the new people at no mercy CrossFit. All the best to your future and Deavors!


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