April Athlete of the Month


This month I have decided to choose a guy for our athlete of the month honor that is truly deserving. After a brief time away from the gym he came roaring back in after he realized how much he missed training. He never missed a beat. He works his tail off and supports the community whole heartedly. This guy is a gifted athlete that also competes in martial arts. Steve Curtis is our newest winner.

Steve soaks up training advice like a sponge and has a knack for gymnastic movements. Even though there are lifts that Steve struggles with such as OH Squats he laughs it off and continues to plug away. A true joy to have in class for the coaches and never a dull moment to train alongside.  I can’t think of a more genuine guy that likes to work hard but never loses sight of why we do this stuff…..to be better at life. Steve has came so far in a short time because of that solid work ethic and never takes for granted the fact that he is able to train. If you ever want to be amazed ask Steve to demo some insane clapping push ups!!!! It is a real pleasure to have you as a member of the No Mercy Community Steve. That personality is contagious and something to be admired. Congrats buddy! You deserve it!!!!!! See Franchise, Holly, or Chelsea for your reward.

-joey franchise

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