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By February 6, 2018Athlete Of The Month, News

So as we venture into “Love Month”, I have only love for our next Athlete of The Month. This guy comes into the gym with a huge smile on his face and is always looking to see what his next challenge is in the WOD. He asks questions for possible modifications, weight suggestions or just to see how bad the WOD actually was. Your February Athlete is Sammy Mikolajewski.

Sammy is the type of athlete/crossfitter any coach would love to have in class. He has a great work ethic and loves to push others around him, even during the toughest wods. He may not be the fastest at every wod, he may not be the strongest, but he has the biggest engine! Watching Sam move a bar on a Full Squat Snatch is one that we all could study and learn from. He has even taught me a couple things. The bar is set high…pun intended…when he is in the building. As a coach, having Sam come into the gym is rewarding. When the workout is over and everyone is flat on their backs, Sam is the first one to come to you and say “Great Job”.

The next time you see Sammy, give him a big ol’ High Five, it’ll be a low five for him.

Congrats Sammy, keep up the great work, your coaches notice.-Dustin “D-Lo” Brown

It is easy to forget how good Sam is at CrossFit and the knowledge he has gained over the years because we have done this together for over 8 years. Since we started at a different gym together I never would of guessed that we would still be at it. Sam brings a quiet confidence to the gym and like Dustin said has learned how to manipulate wods to keep them effective for him as we have gotten older. It is nice having family to share this journey of fitness together and No Mercy is lucky to have this guy around. Congrats Sam you deserve it. See Franchise tomorrow at work to receive your award. Job well done.

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