A Letter To My Younger Self…….

By December 30, 2017News

    Dear five year old Franchise,

I know that your busy turning laps at the roller rink dreaming of winning trophies and medals at the next meet but please take a minute to hear me out.  It is noble of you to train as hard as you do at such a young age but please take notice of the team that is in your corner. Your just a small part of the team that makes what you do possible. Those $1,000 dollar custom skates that you will go on to wear didn’t come to you for free. Your dad will work his ass off to make it possible for you to wear those beauties. Your mom will sacrifice her own life and fun to make sure your fed, clothes washed and drive you to practice on time. You will spend thousands of hours in a car traveling to practice with the best in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Never take this time with your family for granted as it will shape your work ethic and love of fitness and sport for the remainder of your days.

When your nine your going suffer a major setback with a badly broken leg. You will spend weeks in a hospital, but this setback is only going to make you stronger. it should make you appreciate what you do even more and give you great insight to what it truly means to have caring parents, that have to carry you around in a body cast, and show you a pure love of a child in need. You will see who your true friends are that make it a point to come sit with you when you can’t get up.  Once you get back on your feet your gonna train twice as hard  and be even stronger than before. Don’t rush the process your just a kid.

The teenage years are going to be your biggest chance to learn. Your going to go on to win hundreds of races and travel the entire country. It is gonna come with a price!!!! when your friends are having fun, and attending dances and school functions your going to be at practice or on your bike putting in miles, or on plyo training, dryland training until you cry because you don’t think you put in enough work. Give yourself a break. Life isn’t this serious and take time to cultivate friendships.  Your going to figure out that you really could be a great runner as well and do very well in track and cross country. Your going to get looks from colleges to come run but it isn’t ever a priority. I am going to tell you that it should be. God grants us only a tiny amount of talent for certain things don’t take it for granted.

Your going to go on to a great college for a short time because your not going to be mature enough to make it a priority to finish. Your going to let self doubt creep in and your going to quit something for the first time in your life. Your going to turn to partying, and drinking and sure your going to have some fun but your going to become blind to a lot of great things in your life. What may seem like something terrible at the time is going to end great. Your going to go on and get to spend 13 years working under your father, and your going to forge a real love and respect for a man that you may not have gotten to know so well had you stayed in school. Always look for a silver lining because it exists if your open to looking for it. Don’t spend so much time wondering what if? You are going to get an education that no school could ever teach you. When your mentor passes away life is going to be difficult for quite some time. Your going to question God and life itself, but rest assured your dad groomed you to take over the business and be a successful person in life. You couldn’t of asked for a better role model.

Your going to meet a wonderful girl that you will spend years with but your going to blow it. Your going to make 10,000,000 mistakes with this one because your consumed in only making yourself happy. You will regret it all, but she is doing you and herself a favor when she finally gives up. Trust me when I say this. You didn’t deserve her at that point in life but everything happens for a reason. Your going to finally meet a wonderful woman that will one day become your wife. You don’t deserve her either but she sees something in you which makes her stay.  You will build a business together, and it will become the cornerstone for so many relationships built, fitness forged, and lives saved. She will be the glue that holds it all together. Franchise…..don’t f@#K this one up she is a keeper. She will give you 3 amazing kids that will all do amazing things in their own right. They’re  going to test you in so many different ways because there going to be as different as night and day, but your going to learn all over again unconditional love. Life will come full circle again just like your parents did for you. The traveling to sporting events will forge a bond that will never be broken, and the triumphs and tears will only make your story that much better.

Hopefully I have a few chapters left in my life story but it is nice to be reminded of the journey. Because that is what life is….a beautiful journey that is yours to navigate. Never let the highs be too empahsized and never lull around in the low points. Keep your family and friends close and let them be a part of your story. The entire world doesn’t rest on your shoulders like you sometimes like to think. Cherish your support team because that is all you have. We get very few cheerleaders in life so make it a point to show them your appreciation. So to my parents….you never missed a race, and you never let me down. Thank you!!! To my wife….Thank you for never quitting on me and allowing me to be a dreamer. To my kids….. I hope I have been a shoulder to lean on and your biggest fan.  To our crossfit community…….you have been a great source of inspiration and a group of solid friends that have morphed into family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Just Enjoy what you have,




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